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Numerator’s Price Pulse leverages verified purchase data to track observed changes in the prices consumers are paying for everyday goods. Updated weekly, it provides the most timely look at rising prices available in the market, with channel-specific views and added cuts for consumer demographic segments including urbanicity, ethnicity, generation and income level.

Latest Update: 8/1/22 - Category views are now included!

Consumers continue to pay more for their groceries.

Grocery, Health & Beauty and Household product inflation rates all surged in mid-July, after a few weeks of leveling-off. Health & Beauty and Household increases are likely a result of elevated spending on Amazon Prime Day (July 12-13). 

Highlights for the four week period ending July 17:

  • Grocery prices were up 15% vs. YA, a rate that has steadily increased from around 7-8% at the turn of the year with beverages and snacks outpacing total grocery.
  • Health & beauty prices were up 14.7% vs. YA, the highest rate since early January. These increases were driven by Skin & Hair care, two categories with high sales on Amazon Prime Day 2022. 
  • Prices for household items were up 17.2% vs. YA driven by paper & plastic and household cleaners, two popular Prime Day categories. 

Inflation is highest in online and dollar channel.

From May to mid-July, online continued to have the highest rates of grocery inflation, outpacing the dollar channel. Food, mass and club grocery prices are still rising in recent weeks. While the club channel is still seeing the lowest levels of grocery inflation overall, it crossed into double-digit inflation for the first time in July (+10.2%).

Rising prices are converging across all demographics.

All consumer groups are feeling the effects of inflation. Unlike in early 2022 when inflation disproportionately impacted lower income, Gen Z and African American households, inflation rates across all demographic groups are similar in July, with rural low income households pulling away from the pack slightly in recent weeks. 


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