Remain your shopper’s store of choice.

Win shopper loyalty, build bigger baskets, and develop your growth strategy with more visibility into purchase behavior and the opinions and influencers that affect it.

Get the omnichannel visibility you need to know more and grow more.

As shopper behavior continues to shift, retailers need an integrated path & purchase view of shopper behavior to maintain shopper loyalty. We know which advertising, promotional, and pricing strategies drive sustainable growth, as well as the products, messaging, and services that appeal to your shoppers and your competitors’ shoppers across all the channels they shop.

Uncover tactics that accelerate buying

Keep pace with dynamic shopper and market shifts

Apply the industry’s fastest insights to your business with daily data updates. Determine which customer segments to target in near real-time.

fast consumer insights

Adjust your promotional strategy to meet customer needs

Stay ahead of market trends. Identify the promotional characteristics that drive sales and understand the longitudinal impact of your promotions on verified buyers.

omnichannel consumer data

Capture your fair share of growth

Identify how key shoppers behave at your store, competitive stores, and online to pinpoint leakage and discover areas for growth.

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with Numerator.

Omnichannel visibility

All retail channels, from Club to QSR to Ecommerce

Comprehensive understanding

Deep insights via surveys that combine shopper behaviors with attitudes, opinions, and media consumption

Insights on-demand

On-demand access to path & purchase data updated daily

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Reports that give you more.

More channels. More insights. More competitive edge.

Instant shopper surveys

guest surveys

Target specific shopper segments based on real, observed behaviors. Need to find competitive private label buyers or shoppers that have visited a competitor’s stores? No problem! Trigger a survey moments after they make a purchase and get your summarized results within 1-2 weeks.

Retailer share of wallet

retailer share of wallet

Keep ahead of marketplace shifts by analyzing Share of Wallet and other key metrics for product categories at your stores and competitive stores.

Leakage tree

QSR share of wallet

Understand which competitors, across all channels, are stealing category share. Discover how to combat against product or brand leakage.

Key event analysis

lapsed, repeat, new guests insights

Determine whether your promotion reached targeted shoppers, captured incremental buyers, or subsidized your loyal shoppers and why.

Holiday reporting

guest surveys

Identify which seasonal moments drive sales and volume. Analyze key promotional, advertising, and purchase trends from a recent event, or determine how to promote, price, and display for an upcoming holiday.

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