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Discover what consumers are putting on and in their bodies, where they’re buying, and how they’re influenced by media consumption and online disruption.

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We understand what others can't

Omnichannel panelists

Each panelist is tracked across all channels 🡪 which is the only way to understand switching

Ecommerce coverage

Leading source of growth 🡪 46% of all consumer buying is in non-traditional channels 

Technology-driven speed

We can report within days, using % of HHs reporting

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Over 400 CPG companies are adapting their business strategies with Numerator

Real-time consumer insights in a changing world

As consumer behavior changes by the hour, learn which beauty and wellness trends resonate with modern Health & Beauty buyers, which retailers are capturing their spend, and how you can leverage deep psychographic and media consumption insights to attract new consumers, engage existing buyers, and successfully launch new products.

Understand the full path to purchase with all of Numerator’s solutions

ad intel

Ad Intel

Make better advertising decisions by leveraging a single source to monitor the changing landscape across traditional and emerging media channels.

pricing intel

Pricing Intel

The fastest, most comprehensive price monitoring solution you need to develop a competitive and timely pricing strategy.


Promotions Intel

Quickly and effectively adjust your promotional strategy to better meet shopper needs in a market that is changing by the hour.

Case Study: Dial gets clean visibility into the effectiveness of trade promotions with Numerator Promo Insights

cpg beauty insights case study

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