Our Vision for Diversity and Inclusion

We’re focused on creating an inclusive, dynamic and diverse work environment. We value and celebrate different perspectives not only to create a vibrant workplace for our existing staff but also to attract the mission-driven, talented individuals who will make Numerator even stronger. Our vision for diversity and inclusion:

  • Values differences in opinion and embraces everyone’s unique perspective

  • Allows employees to bring their full selves to work each day

  • Proactively guards against unconscious biases

  • Is full of empathy, respect and inclusivity with respect to our colleagues, members and community

Employee Resource Groups

One of Numerator’s initiatives is beginning the development of dedicated Employee Resource Groups. These resource groups are voluntary, employee-led groups designed to foster an inclusive and diverse environment, support business goals and provide a forum for employees to share experiences and interests. We feel these groups will be integral to the future success of the company and welcome the formation of new groups.

Women’s Leadership Initiative

The Woman’s Leadership Initiative was created to ensure that Numerator continues to be a compelling, competitive, and sustainable place for smart, career-minded women to stay, thrive and advance in leadership. It provides proven women leaders special opportunities for enhanced visibility, learning, coaching, networking and career planning.

Numerator aims to continually evolve our diversity and inclusion programs and goals. Discussions around sensitive topics such as race, sexual orientation, gender identity, mental health and societal structural inequality are difficult ones, but we address these challenges head-on to ensure that all employees can bring their full selves to work and feel that their unique contribution to the firm's mission and culture is valued. 

Get Engaged

How does Numerator foster “strength in numbers” for our employees? Numerator is dedicated to creating a workplace where employees are free to bring their whole selves to work each day and where employees feel engaged in their work, the business and the company. We are dedicated to transparent interactions across all levels, pursuing meaningful connections and ensuring our managers at all levels are true coaches. We commit to the pursuit of knowledge and innovation and we recognize people for their successes. We don’t just talk about engagement, we action it.