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The Numerator Shopping Behavior Index

Numerator is now publishing a weekly Shopping Behavior Index to provide needed visibility into consumer buying behavior shifts driven by the Coronavirus. 

The Numerator Shopping Behavior Index tracks U.S. consumer buying behavior versus year ago across 18 retail channels covering the full omnichannel consumer buying experience. This provides needed visibility into shifts in consumer buying across retail channels, especially as they shift with the spread of the Coronavirus due to increased demand and limited inventory. This report will be available during the duration of the outbreak only.

Numerator publishes consumer behavior data in near real-time to provide brands and retailers the freshest insights available. The Numerator Shopping Behavior Index uses live data, which is essential to understanding dynamic conditions. Featuring live data, the Index refreshes with additional data uploads over time.

coronavirus consumer behavior data

Sales remain elevated in core channels, and non-essential channels see slight uptick as states begin lifting stay-at-home orders

  • The food and dollar channels maintain strong sales versus year ago, while liquor and mass see significantly increased sales in recent weeks
  • Home Improvement booms as consumers enjoy for warmer weather and increased time at home
  • Online continues to grow steadily, even as some states begin to ease restrictions on brick-and-mortar businesses
coronavirus consumer behavior data

Overall trips per household remains slightly below 2019 levels, but inches closer to expected levels as states reopen

  • Nearly all brick-and-mortar channels see a slight uptick in trips per household in latest weeks, though most are still below 2019 levels
  • Home improvement sees elevated trips per household, with shoppers making more frequent trips to sustain their at-home habits
  • Trips per household remain elevated online, as customers replace in-store visits with online trips to avoid public places
coronavirus consumer behavior data

Spend per trip remains up across nearly all brick-and-mortar channels but continues to trend downward as trips per household trend up

  • Dollar, food and mass channels hold steady with basket sizes roughly 1.3x what they were year ago
  • QSR’s slightly elevated spend per trip remains steady as consumers buy more to supplement at home cooking
coronavirus consumer behavior data

Households out shopping still down in many brick-and-mortar channels, but Club, Food, Liquor and Home Improvement have all returned to equal or higher levels than year ago

  • Online stays elevated versus year ago, but begins to decline as consumers return to in-store behaviors
  • Home improvement and liquor channels see elevated households shopping as consumers take advantage of better weather and continued time spent at home
coronavirus consumer behavior data
coronavirus impact on consumer behavior

Update: The Impact of COVID-19 on Consumer Behavior

We’re analyzing Numerator Insights data and surveying verified shoppers to understand how COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is impacting consumer behavior.

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