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The Numerator Shopping Behavior Index tracks U.S. consumer buying behavior week-over-week versus year ago. It covers the consumer buying experience across 16 major channels, providing needed visibility into channel shifting behaviors in our increasingly omnichannel world.

By combining Early Read “live” data with the more stable Shopping Behavior Index each week, we will provide you with the fastest, most complete understanding of consumer behavior so you can make more informed real-time decisions about your business.

Just as voting polls provide indicators well before the poll closes, Early Read data will provide shopping behavior patterns and indicators on a more live or real-time basis. Please review the guide below for how to think about Early Read data.



SBI Line Chart 1/14

Sales end the year elevated across channels, rebounding from a Black Friday dip

  • Early Black Friday deals and an extended holiday shopping season leads to under-index Black Friday Weekend-- particularly in-stores-- but elevated sales pre and post as shoppers space out their spending.
  • Core channels like Club, Dollar, Food and Mass all saw increased sales coinciding with new lockdown measures in some regions and holiday preparation weeks 46 & 47
  • Online sales continue to soar in 2020, interrupted by a dip in week 29 in comparison to 2019's Amazon Prime Day, and a surge in week 42 coinciding with Prime Day 2020
Sales Index 1/14

Trips per household were slightly elevated in the final week of 2020

  • Weeks of Christmas and Thanksgiving / Black Friday saw significantly fewer in-store trips compared to last year as consumers avoided peak shopping periods
  • Boost in week 42 sales driven by Amazon Prime Day
  • Online channel continues to see the largest increase in trips versus 2019
trips per HH 1/14

Spend per trip remains up across nearly all channels

  • Consumers continue to fill their baskets to sustain elevated at-home consumption
  • Surge in Electronics channel basket sizes in week 46 likely tied to Playstation 5 release
spend per trip 1/14

Households out shopping remains steady in most channels, with overall levels in-line with year ago

  • Club, Dollar and Liquor channels saw increased households shopping the final week of 2020, as consumers picked up materials for their holiday celebrations
  • Online stays elevated versus year ago as more consumers become reliant on ecommerce
households index 1/14
coronavirus impact on consumer behavior

Update: The Impact of COVID-19 on Consumer Behavior

We’re analyzing Numerator Insights data and surveying verified shoppers to understand how COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is impacting consumer behavior.

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