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million invested by Amazon in past 12 month paid advertising

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in advertising spend by healthcare companies during 2017 open enrollment

Source: Numerator Advertising

Long Live Advertising

Advertising is dead. Long live advertising! These seemingly contradictory notions are what make it simultaneously exciting and terrifying to be a brand or an agency today.

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The disruption in media and purchasing behaviors is forcing companies to evolve how they engage with an increasingly fragmented customer base. This disruption is only going to get worse as advertising takes on previously unconsidered forms. 

While TV’s share of ad spending continues its slow decline, digital and over the top ad spending are fragmented but rising. Google and Facebook have created a digital advertising duopoly, currently controlling over 60% of spend, but this domination may be short-lived. Amazon is creating its own digital ad network, with telecom giants looking to ramp up their targeted ads via mergers and acquisitions.

There’s more risk than ever as consumers often closely associate advertising with the content that surrounds it, with digital advertising in particular having the potential to damage the image of brands and waste ad budgets despite its growth. And let’s not forget brands are reconsidering when and how to work with agencies, creating a rift in what was once an inseparable bond. 

In an increasingly fragmented advertising landscape, brands need more market and ad intelligence than ever to get the right message to the right audience with the right frequency – to both persuade consumers and to spend more effectively.

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