| Nov 5, 2020

Winning When The Rules Change: How Retailers Need to Shift Strategy During the Pandemic


Well into the pandemic, shoppers continue to take fewer trips and spend more per trip to follow social distancing guidelines ─ and 45% of those shoppers report that they will not or are unsure whether they will return to pre-COVID shopping behaviors.

To understand how shopper loyalty has shifted throughout the pandemic, and how retailers can adjust their strategies to win when the rules change, we analyzed the omnichannel behavior of over 100k shoppers and identified the factors driving retailer selection during COVID-19.

Join us for this 30 minute webinar, which will cover:

  • How retail channels, as well as certain retailers, are performing in terms of trips, households shopping, and trips made online
  • The drivers of pandemic retailer selection, both COVID-related and unrelated
  • Which retailers are seeing the highest satisfaction with shoppers that have shifted their spend during COVID
  • Whether shifting promotional strategies have influenced shopper behavior
  • How retailers can take action to retain loyal shoppers and engage new shoppers
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Sara Batchelder
VP of Retail
Amy Copas
Senior Consultant
JB Helton