Oct 23, 2018

Every Trip Counts: How to Win Your Share of Stomach

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What is the Omnichannel Food Marketplace? And who’s winning in it? See the trends that legacy POS data cannot capture.

With the rise of C-Store, Quick Service Restaurants, eCommerce, prepared meal kits and on-demand delivery, the food marketplace has changed. The days when consumers bought all their food at the grocery store and POS data captured 100% of their spending are long gone, leaving food manufacturers and QSRs left to wonder, ‘How can I grow my sales in today’s ever-changing omnichannel market?’

Join us for this webinar during which we’ll highlight how (and where) consumers are buying food. Learn about the interactions between Grocery, QSR, C-Store and how emerging players like Uber Eats are capturing share of wallet and stomach.  

You’ll learn:  

  • How do Food & Beverage shoppers’ loyalty different from other consumers?
  • How does UberEats affect the QSR purchase rate?
  • What Energy Drink trends can retailers and QSR’s capitalize on to grow?

We will also demonstrate how to answer key business questions for your brand by using InfoScout Insights. Get a step-by-step tutorial on which reports and filters to use within the Insights platform to learn more about how your brands can win in this webinar.

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