| Nov 6, 2018

Thanksgiving Beyond the Basket: Win the Turkey, Win a New Shopper


For years, retailers have known that winning the turkey trip is key to winning the basket for Thanksgiving, a top shopping holiday. But what they don’t know is that winning the turkey trip can mean winning a new shopper, too. Using data from the InfoScout OmniPanel, America’s largest and most representative omnichannel purchase panel, we analyzed Grocery spending from Thanksgiving 2017 to unlock insights into shopper behavior to help you win this Thanksgiving holiday and beyond.

Watch this exclusive, on-demand webinar as we recap our Thanksgiving 2017 analysis findings. You’ll learn:

  • When do shoppers plan vs. make their trips
  • What kinds of trips are they taking
  • Does the “turkey trip” really matter
  • Which retailers won Thanksgiving in 2017 (and how did they do it)?
  • How you can take action to win Thanksgiving this year and beyond


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Eric Minkley
Senior Consultant