| Mar 2, 2023

Planting a New Strategy: How to Engage the Flexitarian Shopper

To cultivate healthier lifestyles, consumers are incorporating plant-based products into their diets without eliminating all animal-based purchases. How are flexitarian shoppers’ purchase behaviors impacting the plant-based category, and how can brands work to engage this key consumer segment?

In this 30 minute webinar, Olivia Reynolds, Numerator Consultant, and Emma Mrotek, Numerator Senior Client Services Analyst, cover the latest consumer trends within the plant-based category to identify whitespace opportunities for brands. Watch now in to find out:

  • How flexitarians interact with both plant-based and animal-based categories
  • The differences between shoppers who buy plant-based for themselves and those who buy plant-based for their households
  • Who is the heavy, medium, light flexitarian shopper
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Olivia Reynolds
Emma Mrotek
Emma Mrotek
Senior Client Services Analyst