| Oct 6, 2021

Normal...for Now: Measuring Delta’s Impact on COVID Consumer Crisis Behaviors


Throughout the pandemic, consumer behavior has shifted alongside the news cycle. With the Delta variant now dominant in the United States, a majority of consumers have changed their sentiment — if not their behavior -- and are bracing for another uncertain fall/winter season. With rising concerns spanning many facets of life, we wanted to know: are consumers ready to move forward amidst uncertainty, and will they change their behaviors as drastically as they did last time?

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • What were the major behavioral shifts seen during the pandemic, and what are consumers expecting moving forward?
  • As consumers get back to their regular activities, are early pandemic habits sticking, and are new habits emerging during this fourth wave?
  • With COVID-19 cases spiking, how does this wave compare to early pandemic behaviors?
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Eric Minkley
Senior Consultant