| Oct 6, 2022

The Lipstick Effect: Inflation’s Influence on Beauty

As prices rise on everyday goods & services, some consumers are cutting back on non-essentials, while others look for small indulgences to lift their spirits. How is inflation impacting the beauty industry, and to what extent are we seeing “the lipstick effect” play out in today’s inflationary and recessionary environment?

On October 6th at 11 am CT, Anne Moberly, Numerator Consultant, and Amanda Schoenbauer, Content & Insights Manager, will cover the latest consumer trends, channel shifting behaviors, and DTC and retailer collaborations in the Makeup and Skincare categories. Tune in to find out:    

  • Which Beauty categories & channels have seen the most dramatic price changes in recent months
  • How today’s consumers are thinking about saving or splurging on makeup & skincare products
  • What brand and retailer attributes are most important for attracting and retaining Beauty buyers
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Ann Moberly
Anne Moberly
Consumer Insights Consultant
Amanda Schoenbauer
Content & Insights Manager