| Jun 20, 2019

Let's Get Small: How Big Manufacturers Can Innovate To Regain Competitive Advantage


Big brands are under assault on many fronts, from retailers’ own brands to upstart innovators selling direct to consumers. While the headwinds are stiff, growth is attainable for big and small manufacturers who understand the new rules of innovation and brand building. Join Numerator as we share unique insights and key behaviors of today’s fastest-growing small brands. You will learn:

  • How brands are leveraging their deep understanding of consumers to disrupt the market

  • Who is buying small brands and how their behavior compares to the average shopper

  • The unconventional advertising and promotional tactics helping small brands engage with consumers on the new path to purchase

  • How big manufacturers can think small and act faster to regain competitive advantage

Presented by Brad Bane, Executive Vice President, Numerator and Shawn Paustian, Insights Consultant, Numerator

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Brad Bane
Executive Vice President
Shawn Paustian
Insights Consultant