| Jul 19, 2023

Inflation’s Impact on Trade Promotions: Capturing Cost-Conscious Consumers

The importance of tracking the shifting promo landscape is at a peak as consumers seek out ways to ease the burden of inflation. Shoppers are more willing than ever to switch brands and retailers for a deal, so those who are able to optimize their promotional strategies will drive success as the economy shifts—and those who do not may find themselves losing valuable shoppers and share of voice.

Watch on demand as Numerator’s GM of Promotions, Susan O’Neal and Senior Manager of Solutions Consulting, Henry Li, examine the inflation-driven promotional trends defining the current landscape and share how you can reimagine your strategy to conquer a fluctuating market and capture cost-conscious consumers. They’ll cover:

  • How promo dollars are being invested, and how that differs between essentials vs non essentials.
  • Which offer types are most effective for capturing incremental shoppers
  • How to tailor promotional strategies to engage consumers in different financial segments
  • The importance of linking trade promotions to shopping behaviors to accurately measure promotional effectiveness.
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Susan O'Neal Headshot
Susan O'Neal
GM of Promotions
Henry Li Headshot
Henry Li
Senior Manager of Solutions Consulting