| Mar 28, 2023

Inflation Hits Home: Impact on Today's Housewares Consumer

As prices rise on everyday goods & services, some consumers are cutting back on non-essentials, while others look for small indulgences to lift their spirits. How is inflation impacting the housewares industry and what does that mean for consumer spending in the face of a potential recession?

In this 30 minute webinar on March 28th at 1PM CT, Numerator Senior Consultant, Evan Shippee, will examine the influence of inflation on housewares buying behaviors and consumer expectations for future category purchases. Tune in to find out:

  • How consumers are adjusting discretionary spending in response to inflation 
  • Which housewares categories have been impacted most (including through holidays)
  • How inflation responses differ by consumer group and how it will impact their future purchase decisions in housewares
  • Which categories and consumer groups represent the greatest opportunity for housewares brands and retailers
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Evan Shippee
Evan Shippee
Numerator Senior Consultant