| Jul 15, 2020

(Golf)Ballin’ on a Budget: What Father's Day Taught Us About Holiday Shopping during COVID


The global outbreak of COVID-19 and subsequent economic fallout has undoubtedly impacted how consumers will approach annual shopping events like Father’s Day. With constrained budgets and an uncertain economic outlook, consumers are more discerning over their discretionary spending. As such, retailers and brands have been driven to reassess how they market to and engage with consumers to successfully drive traffic to their websites, stores and products amidst unfavorable market conditions. As economic hardship and social distancing measures continue into the second half of 2020, uncertainty about future events, like Back-to-School, remains high.

In this webinar, Numerator Consultants Brett Hulett and Ryne Misso provide durables retailers and manufacturers a look into Father’s Day advertising, promotions, and consumer purchase behavior, and will also provide a sneak-peak into consumer sentiment for this year’s Back-to-School and Prime Day events. Watch on demand to learn:

  • The impact of COVID-19 on shopper behavior for Father’s Day
  • How promotional and advertising activities in advance of the holiday shifted in 2020
  • What brands can expect from future events like back-to-school and Prime Day


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Brett Hulett
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