| May 26, 2022

Early to Adopt, Early to Shift: Pet Opportunities Across Amazon, Chewy, and More

Today’s early adopters have moved beyond Amazon. Early adopter pet owners, for instance, evaluate a range of .com retailers for their purchases— from Chewy to Walmart to Petco.com.

Watch the first installment of our Early to Adopt, Early to Shift webinar series to learn where early adopters are shifting their Pet spend— and how retailers and brands can catch up. In this webinar, Sara Batchelder, Numerator’s VP of Retail, shares exclusive results from our comprehensive analysis, exploring:

  • Pet’s shift from in-store to Amazon and now Chewy
  • The impact on Brick & Mortar retailers, from Target to the Pet channel, and pet brands, from Smuckers to Purina
  • The online competitive landscape for Pet-focused retailers
  • What early adopter trends mean for the future of Pet retailing
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Sara Batchelder
VP of Retail