Apr 22, 2020

COVID-19’s shopper impact: how retailers can win as shoppers change where and how they shop

Woman shopping with mask

As we enter the second month of social distancing measures in response to COVID-19, consumer behavior continues to shift as shoppers adjust to the new limitations set on their day-to-day lives. How they adjust depends on a number of details, from demographic factors -- especially age and level of financial concern -- to adoption of the technology used for online shopping and fulfillment services. With change occurring at such a rapid pace, how can retailers respond?

This 30 minute webinar in which Jen Torretti, Numerator’s VP of Client Services, provides the industry’s fastest, most detailed consumer insights on COVID-19 for retailers to immediately incorporate in business planning. You’ll learn:

  • If shoppers are stockpiling, and what that means for purchase cycles

  • How different demographic groups are shopping in a COVID-19 world

  • Strategies to appeal to new shoppers entering stores and win back shoppers that have leaked to other stores

  • How promotional strategies are changing, and where there are opportunities to focus

  • How retailers can tailor their messaging and business planning to support vulnerable consumers, especially those at risk financially

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