Feb 17, 2022

Better-for-You Insights: Engaging Health-Conscious Shoppers

Woman shopping for healthy food
Join Us on February 17th at 11 AM CT 


Better-for-you has become a popular trend across food and beverage categories as consumers cultive more health-conscious lifestyles. However, the trend’s true impact varies across categories, as many healthier options are still losing share of wallet to more indulgent brands. In this webinar, find out who the BFY shopper is, what the emerging trends and brands are for BFY, and the innovation shoppers are looking for across the Frozen Foods, Dairy, and Snacks categories.

On February 17th at 11 am CT, Numerator Consultants, Alison Henley and Brian Reid, will share how BFY has been trending across the Frozen Foods, Dairy, and Snacks categories within the last year. Specifically, you will learn:

  • How do consumers define BFY?
  • Who is the BFY shopper in comparison to the general buyers of each category?
  • What are the emerging trends and brands within BFY?
  • What types of innovation are consumers looking for in BFY brands?
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