| Jun 24, 2021

Back to School, Back to Normal?


After a full year of disruption— where kitchens became classrooms and lessons went digital— it’s unclear whether back to school (BTS) will be fully “back to normal” in 2021, even if kids do get back to the classroom. Curriculums and classrooms will almost certainly be different, which means BTS shopping lists will likely be different, too.

In this 30-minute webinar, Numerator consultants Jenny Weber and Ningyu Chen provide insight into consumer expectations surrounding the 2021 school year and BTS shopping season, and review trends in 2020 buying behaviors, promotions and advertising for key back-to-school categories. Watch today to find out:

  • What consumers are expecting for the 2021 school year— how and when they’ll shop, what they’ll buy, and how much they’ll spend
  • How BTS purchases differ between households sending children into the classroom vs. those continuing online learning
  • The effect of COVID on 2020 shopping behaviors, including alternative fulfillment methods like Click & Collect
  • How 2020 BTS promotions & advertisements shifted in response to the pandemic
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Jenny Weber
Client Services Consultant
Ningyu Chen
Client Services Consultant