| Aug 11, 2020

Back to School 101: Planning Amidst a Pandemic


We’re facing a Back to School (BTS) season unlike any before. An ongoing pandemic, uncertain school plans, tighter budgets and a new list of necessary health & safety items for BTS shopping will likely lead to dramatic shifts in consumer shopping behavior and BTS advertising and promotions.

In this 30-minute webinar, Numerator’s Jenny Weber, Client Service Consultant, and Andrea Huberty, Client Service Consultant, provide the most current insight into BTS consumer sentiment and buying behavior for key back-to-school categories, with a bonus look at how BTS promotions and advertising has shifted. Watch on demand today to learn:

  • How BTS consumer sentiment is shifting as more schools announce their 2020 back-to-school plans
  • The effect of COVID on alternative shopping behaviors, like Click & Collect
  • How promotions & advertisements have shifted in response to changing behaviors and uncertainties
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Jenny Weber
Client Services Consultant
Andrea Huberty
Client Services Consultant