| Sep 20, 2023

Numeration 2023 Recap: Going Beyond Traditional Insights

Numeration main stage presentation
Numerator hosted our 3rd annual client event, “Numeration,” in Chicago on Wednesday, September 13, 2023. Attendees heard from Numerator leadership, industry voices, and keynote speakers on what it is going to take to continue to win as brands and retailers in today’s ever-changing marketplace—and how Numerator can help guide the way.

Insights from Our Clients

Numeration is about clients sharing how Numerator products and tools have allowed them to grow their businesses in new and key ways, as well as providing insight into what makes their brands tick. 

  • Diana Haussling (Colgate-Palmolive, SVP/GM, Consumer Experience and Growth) sat down with Numerator’s Eric Belcher to show how Colgate-Palmolive approaches and embraces a digital-first, growth mindset and fosters a culture of innovation within a 200+ year old organization. 
  • Sarah Christiansen (Campbell Soup Company, VP Shopper Insights & Category Leadership) focused on innovating and winning in the Snack category, even as consumers make cuts due to inflation. Campbell’s operates on three strategic pillars: fuel the foundation, innovate for incrementality, and expand for growth. 
  • Melissa Montisano (Nestlé, Sr. Director, Category Strategy) discussed how the end of the Emergency SNAP Allotment reduced the purchasing power of tens of millions of consumers—a major shift that would impact any consumer goods company’s strategy. 
  • Carolyn Bykowski (Unilever, Sr. Manager, CMI Strategy & Analytics) and Risa Hefter (Numerator, Senior Manager, Consulting) presented on how Unilever has been keeping a pulse on how consumers are feeling, especially given the turbulent times that we have been living through. They shared how Unilever’s partnership with Numerator helped them gain insight into the ways macro-level trends are influencing consumer sentiment and decisions across categories. 
  • Sarah Benzel (Health-Ade, Director, Category Management and Insights) joined Mary Keller (Numerator, Consultant, Emerging Brands) to discuss how an analysis of both new buyers and loyal households helped Health-Ade understand the impact of the promotion on the Kombucha category and their brand, and how to follow these shoppers beyond their trips in the Club channel.
  • Shalini Sahi (Pladis Americas, Head of Insights) presented with Alex Simmons (Numerator, Sr. Analyst) to share how the Flipz brand nailed down its category identity to capitalize on potential opportunities and unlock data-driven growth with a Price Pack Architecture.
  • Andrew Hyde (3M, Global Portfolio Director) and Shalin Shah (Numerator, VP, Product) focused on how a data-oriented company like 3M reached new levels of insight in business measurement by leveraging Consecutive Repeat Rate as a leading indicator of future brand performance. 

Insights from Industry Voices

Numeration also included key thought leadership discussions focused on not only what is happening today but also what attendees can anticipate in the future. 

  • Gabriele Antonie (Cornerstone Research, Senior Managing Economist) provided a deep dive into retailer self-preferencing—what it is, its history, and how it differs between online and in-store—and the increased scrutiny surrounding it both in the US and EU. 
  • Sajal Kohli (McKinsey & Company, Senior Partner) spoke about incorporating the latest consumer trends while still managing business imperatives. Consumers want, as the saying goes, the best of both worlds, and businesses need to be able to react to that while keeping in mind that balance does not come easily. 
  • Mike Walsh (Futurist, CEO of Tomorrow) explored why now is the time for radical reinvention. ChatGPT and the rise of generative AI platforms are just the beginning of a much bigger algorithmic revolution that is set to reshape the future of work itself. 
  • Jay Baer (Customer Experience Expert) spoke about how speed is the most important element of the customer experience. More than half of all customers have made a recent purchase from a business that responded first, even if they were more expensive, and two-thirds of all customers say speed is as important as price. 

Insights from Numerator

Far-reaching forces are reshaping our industry, but with Numerator’s tools, brands and retailers can go beyond traditional insights and obtain the right consumer data to transform their businesses.

  • Eric Belcher (CEO) started off Numeration by saying “Innovation has become tradition at Numerator.” Numerator’s goal is to provide our clients with the intel to anticipate, and the insight to react to, changes in consumer behavior, allowing them to meaningfully grow their businesses – and to do it faster than ever before.
  • Kelly Dotson (President) spoke about the company’s vision of putting consumers at the center of our clients’ businesses through trust, transparency and technology. Through the integration of machine learning and AI, we are going beyond unparalleled data into unparalleled insights where instead of ‘just’ looking backward, you can look forward at any metric. 
  • Jen Torretti (VP, Strategy & Enablement) discussed the strategies that set breakout brands apart and provided insights into the practical application of the principles outlined in Breakout Brands: Why Some Brands Take Off and Others Don’t by Jared Schrieber, founder of Numerator. Jen systematically delved into three key principles from the book, shared critical metrics to monitor, and outlined actions that brand leaders can take to break away from the competition.
  • Hands-on Learning Experiences allowed attendees to interact with our best-in-class Product and Consulting teams, as well as come away with custom insights for a brand of their choosing.

Numerator remains committed to disrupting the market research space, going beyond what others thought possible. If you’d like more information on what we covered at Numeration 2023, reach out to your Numerator representative or get in touch today to discuss how we can help your business know more and grow more.