Feb 12, 2019

Love in the Air, Candy in the Shopping Cart

Valentine's Day 2018 Header
They say you can’t buy love, but as Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, we know of at least one category that’s sure to be struck by Cupid’s arrow: Candy. Last year, 58% of US households bought candy in the two weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day. Those buying candy differed from non-candy-buyers in a variety of ways, but most notably, they were more likely to have children than non-candy-buyers, specifically school-aged children ages six to 17. Which brands won with parents and what did the typical candy trip look like? We have a few fast-facts to satisfy your sweet tooth.

The Short & Sweet

Wonka, Skittles, and Frankford were top candy brands for parents last Valentine’s Day, all proving to be 2-3x more popular with parents than with non-parents. Other top brands included Galerie, Flix Candy, and Trolli. With one look at these brands’ offerings, it’s clear kids are the target audience. From card kits to heart-shaped boxes featuring popular children’s characters, these brands seem to be made for classroom parties and kids’ gifts. 

Parents are most likely to purchase Valentine’s candy on a smaller, last-minute trip. 23% of parents made their purchase the day before or day-of Valentine’s Day, and 46% of these trips had less than ten items in the basket. The Mass channel captured 69% of parents’ Valentine’s candy dollars, followed by Drug (15%) and Food (8%); less than 1% of sales were made Online. 

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