Jun 21, 2018

The Journey is the Reward

InfoScout team - Puerto Vallarta

When it comes to building a great and lasting company, there simply is no finish line. The journey itself must be the reward. And, the flawed notion that the ends can somehow justify the means becomes devoid of all meaning when there simply is no end. I’d like to think that’s why InfoScout’s leadership team has striven to create a 5-star culture where team members feel valued for their work and fulfilled by the experience of performing it.

Speaking for myself, my 7-year InfoScout journey has been by far the most fulfilling and rewarding of my career. Having been an entrepreneur of sorts since grade school, I’ve long aspired to disrupt and redefine an industry. I simply could not have imagined just how exhilarating it would be to do so. The incredible opportunity we have to rethink what a consumer panel can and should be in the 21st century is truly amazing.

For these reasons, I’ve been challenged to strike the balance necessary to continue to contribute to InfoScout’s journey while also being a more present part of my kids’ lives. Having been a workaholic and road-warrior since before my three children were born, I’ve finally come to the realization that I will never get back these last few years with them at home. Fortunately, InfoScout’s owners and leadership team have been wonderfully supportive in my efforts to strike that balance and have created a new role for me as both a board director for Market Track (our parent company) and the active leader of the company’s product strategy committee. For anyone who knows me well, it is compellingly obvious why this new role strikes the perfect balance – it focuses my energies on the part of the business where I can have the greatest impact while also freeing up time for me to spend with my kids each day.


As part of this transition, a fellow entrepreneur and kindred spirit on Market Track’s leadership team, Alexander Rink, will take the lead in spearheading InfoScout’s next stage of growth. In his role as Chief Growth Officer for the combined company, he will keep responsibilities for corporate and business development while also identifying ways to leverage Market Track’s assets and resources to further accelerate InfoScout’s already rapid growth.

In summary, I’m excited to remain a part of InfoScout’s journey to redefine what our industry should expect from a panel of record in the 21st century. We have the world’s largest and most comprehensive panel, a fantastic set of analytic products that transform panel data into actionable insights, and an absolutely world-class team. Together, I’m confident that we’ll have an outsized impact on helping brands grow for decades to come.


(PS – I’d be remiss to not give a proper shout-out and thank you to my co-founder, Jon Brelig, who will continue in his role as CTO. Most InfoScout followers don’t realize that Jon is the reason that InfoScout even has a panel and got off the ground – he simply put me and the company on his back and carried us from ‘Zero to One’. I’ve simply been trying to keep up with him ever since and look forward to continuing to work with him in my new role.)