Aug 16, 2017

InfoScout grows 5600% – Named one of America’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies!


Exponential growth can be hard to fathom sometimes. Just take the folding of a simple piece of paper for example. If you fold it in half 20 times, how tall will it be? Taller than you, perhaps? In fact, it will be taller than Mt. Everest. Another 22 folds and your little piece of paper will take you to the moon!

At InfoScout, we’ve been on a similarly amazing moonshot of a ride since launching our first consumer insights services four years ago. Last year, we rode this rocketship to #84 on the Inc. 5000 with a 3-year growth rate of 3600%. This year, we’re proud to announce that we’ve accelerated to a 3-year growth rate of 5600% and a #59 ranking on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies for 2017.

This accelerated growth is the product of a number of multipliers working together to our advantage:

First, consumer brands are rapidly shifting from mass marketing that is offline and rarely measured to more personalized marketing that is online and continuously measured.

Second, we’ve built America’s largest and most representative consumer panel to close the loop from marketing campaigns to the changes in consumer behaviors and attitudes that lift sales.

Third, we’ve leveraged recent advances in mobile, crowdsourcing, computer vision, machine learning, and big data analytics to deliver a new generation of consumer insights to the brands, retailers, and agencies that have been underserved by legacy providers for far too long.

And, finally, we’ve built an amazing team of clever, fearless professionals who make each other and their customers better every day. If we can just improve another 1% per day over the next year, we’ll grow by another 37x in the year ahead!

We look forward to another incredible year of growth in 2018 and hope you’ll join us on this amazing ride…