Nov 12, 2018

Dunkin' Gets Personal With Their Advertising

Dunkin's Personal Advertising
In addition to Dunkin' Donut's name change, 2019 will have the chain building upon its overall advertising strategy.

You may recall the news from this past September that Dunkin’ Donuts is dropping the “Donuts” from its name, rebranding to just "Dunkin'." While the announcement was made months ago, the official change isn’t set to take place until January. Tony Weisman, CMO for the doughnut and coffee chain, said the shortened name will “create an incredible new energy for Dunkin’, both in and outside our stores.” The new(ish) brand gives them a chance to reinvent, but perhaps more important is the buzz created by the impending change. Even those insisting that removing “Donuts” won’t affect their attitude toward the brand, the fact remains that people are still talking.  

Numerator knows a little something about rebranding, but the stakes might be a little higher for Dunkin' next year. Think of all the branded items the chain has - sugar packets, cups, to-go bags, bags of coffee beans, K-Cups, digital graphics. The list goes on. To get a better idea of exactly how involved a change like this is, check out the Vox article and Q&A with Timothy Calkins, professor of marketing at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

But as it turns out, the name change is only part of their larger marketing strategy going into 2019. Dunkin' is also shifting toward a more targeted email and mobile approach to drive customer engagement. According to Chain Store Age, the chain has signed a new multi-year agreement that extends its relationship with global marketing firm Epsilon, which will build upon its current loyalty marketing technology services that support Dunkin’s DD Perks customer loyalty program and the related mobile app.  

Dunkin' says the goal is to foster more one-to-one customer communications and build loyalty. The brand understands that personalized customer interactions are key to success, and it's betting on smartphones to make those happen. That's why Dunkin' is looking to reward their mobile app users with additional perks and added convenience. They have even integrated it into their $100 million store renovation plans, which will include special drive thru lanes for mobile orders, among other additions.