Jul 26, 2018

Amazon Prime Day: 2018 Recap

Amazon boxes

Another Prime Day has come and gone, and there’s no doubt that this day has become a staple in the retail holiday calendar. On Prime Day itself, InfoScout surveyed 1000+ Prime Day shoppers to understand their attitudes and sentiment around this shopping holiday. And as receipts flowed in from real Amazon shoppers, we wanted to take a further look at the actual purchase data to understand how these shoppers shopped and what they purchased.

How They Shopped & What They Spent

When we compare 2018 Prime Day to 2017 Prime Day, 2017 Cyber Monday, and an average week (on Amazon), we can see the effect that Prime Day has on Amazon shoppers.

While the average number of orders per household (2.4 orders) stayed similar to 2017 Prime Day (2.5 orders), these numbers are well above an average week for Amazon shoppers (1.5 orders) and higher than Cyber Monday (1.7 orders).

And despite Prime Day shoppers ranking Cyber Monday ahead of Prime Day in terms of quality of deals, shoppers are spending more in total and more per order on Prime Day than they do on Cyber Monday.


Prime Day: Top Sectors & Categories

When we look at share of spend by sector (on Amazon), Electronics is not only the clear leader, but also gets the biggest Prime Day boost, jumping up from 18% on average to 35% on Prime Day – capturing more than one-third (35%) of all Prime Day spend.  

Rounding out the top five sectors on Prime Day are Home & Garden (15%), Health & Beauty (12%), Household (5%), and Toys (4%).


When we look at the top 10 categories purchased (by units sold), 6 of the top 10 are from the Electronic sector, and the top 2 spots are claimed not just by consumer electronics, but specifically by “smart” consumer electronics.

Interestingly, Dog Foods & Treats made it into the top 5, most likely as a result of Amazon’s heavy promotions around its private label brand, WAG (and given Amazon’s website issues, perhaps the sheer number of puppy error messages boosted this category).


Top Items Purchased

Amazon heavily promoted its own products in advance of Prime Day, and their efforts paid off. Of the most purchased items (by number of units sold), Amazon branded products took 7 of the top 10 spots. Only 3 other brands broke into the top 10 – Instant Pot, 23andMe, and TP-Link (and worth noting that this last one was a Kasa Smart Wi-Fi plug, which just happens to be an accessory to Amazon’s Alexa line).