Limited Early Ad Spend Shifts to TV; Promotion Activity Shifts to Online 
Omnichannel Insights from 30,000 Canadian Shoppers Now Available 
NASCAR, P&G, Dove, YouTube Lead TV Racial Justice Messaging
Since COVID-19, Canned Foods Are Winning with Sales More Than 12 Weeks Ahead of…
Numerator's New eCommerce Acceleration Index Tracks Specific CPG Categories 
Quick View into Price Volatility Due to COVID-19 Scarcity 
First Omnichannel Insights for Canada Including COVID-19 CPG Behaviours
Verified Buyers, Purchase Data and COVID Ads Now Accessible within Days
COVID-19 Dampens Media Spending and Promotions, Except Mobile Advertising
1 in 3 Consumers Bought Durable Goods in March Because of The Coronavirus
Hoarding Proves to be Limited — Increase in Bulk Buying Trends to Higher Income…
Numerator will now publish a weekly Numerator Shopping Behavior Index tracker…
Market Research Data & Tech Firm Expects 40% Job Growth in Chicago by 2022
Kalra will lead all aspects of the company's legal strategy, including the…

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