Numerator has launched a weekly Price Volatility Index to provide needed insight into the price volatility of durables and CPG products as a recession looms. 

Numerator launched the Numerator Canadian OmniPanel, the first and only omnichannel consumer insights panel for Canada. The Numerator Canadian OmniPanel focuses on fast moving consumer goods and has consumer shopping and brand behaviour across 15 retail channels -- including online -- for individual panelists.

Numerator has launched six new products and capabilities to help brands and retailers quickly understand COVID-19 market dynamics -- including fast access to consumer buying behavior, fast understanding of COVID-19 advertising and promotions, and pre-configured people groups enabling more detailed analysis.

Numerator has launched two new indices to provide needed visibility into the shifts of advertising and promotional activities as a result of COVID-19. The Promotions Index and Advertising Index will be published weekly throughout the outbreak period, and are available to the public.

Numerator has now extended its weekly Numerator Shopping Behavior Index tracker to include QSRs (quick service restaurants), home improvement, consumer electronics and office supply stores to provide further visibility into consumer buying behavior shifts driven by COVID-19 (Coronavirus). The Numerator Shopping Behavior Index now highlights shifts in U.S. consumer buying behavior versus a year ago across 18 retail channels with an omnichannel view on a week by week basis. 

The Numerator Stockpiling Index will be published weekly to help brands, retailers, analysts and others with much-needed understanding of how in-store stockpiling behaviors are driving retail sales, as well as to start to anticipate the trailing impact on the second half of 2020. Understanding causal behaviors is key to retailers and brands determining strategy and action planning. 

Numerator will now publish a weekly Numerator Shopping Behavior Index tracker to provide needed visibility into consumer buying behavior shifts driven by COVID-19 (Coronavirus). The Numerator Shopping Behavior Index highlights shifts in U.S. consumer buying behavior versus a year ago across 14 retail channels on a week by week basis.

Numerator has announced that it has signed a long-term lease on a new global headquarters at the iconic Marshall Field’s building where Chicago’s technology corridor intersects with retail.

Kalra will lead all aspects of the company's legal strategy, including the company's commitment to remain at the forefront of transparent, equitable consumer data collection.

Numerator, an industry leader in consumer and shopper insights, announced today that it has donated $581k to schools nationwide on behalf of users of its mobile app, Shoparoo. Over 39,000 users across the US have downloaded Shoparoo to upload photos of their receipts from retail purchases in exchange for "Roo Points." 

Numerator announced today that its InfoScout OmniPanel and Numerator Insights now include an expansion of Premium People Groups into a range of specialty topics. This follows the launches of Premium People Groups for Mom & Baby, Pet, and Health last year.

The new leadership structure is designed to capture the unique opportunity of Numerator’s Omnipanel Insights platform while accelerating overall growth.

Numerator goes beyond demographics to map 350 psychographic and 150 media consumption descriptions to validate purchasing behavior on a 1-1 basis at scale. This eliminates the need to leverage claimed consumer purchase behavior, projected psychographics based on look-alike models or both.

Numerator captures receipts to track consumer retail purchasing behavior for major brands and retailers. The 700 million receipts provide rich coverage beyond traditional brick and mortar retailers (grocery, mass and drug stores) which have contracted to 58% of CPG sales*.

This partnership allows clients of both Numerator and Ebiquity to expand the scope of their monitoring to include creative messaging and media data from over 80+ countries. Know the moment new ads break around the globe with 24/7 access to an Ad Intelligence platform independent of time zones and business hours.

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