Numerator has received an Award of Excellence in the 32nd Annual APEX Awards, an international competition recognizing work from January 1, 2019 through December 31, 2019.  The award recognizes Numerator’s consumer app, Receipt Hog, for innovation in collecting psychographic and media consumption data directly from consumers. The Receipt Hog app collects consumer buying data that powers the Numerator Omnipanel and Numerator Insights used by Fortune 100 brands.

Numerator has launched a consumer sentiment survey to understand how people plan to celebrate, shop, and spend for Labor Day. Overall, almost two-thirds of consumers expect to celebrate and shop for Labor Day differently this year and 49% expect to spend less. Numerator polled 2,000 people with verified holiday purchases in 2019 to understand how consumer behavior could be expected to change in a time of social distancing, travel restrictions, job losses, and financial hardship.

Numerator has launched a Retailer Resilience Score for “Life on Pause” consumers.  Life on Pause consumers are one of six consumer segments identified in a Numerator segmentation study of 70,000 verified shoppers; the study will be updated quarterly to help brands, analysts and retailers understand consumer behavior across all six segments given the dynamic nature of job security, financial security, health concerns and more.

Numerator has launched a Back to School Index to understand how brands and consumers are managing through the uncertainty of school openings. The index monitors ad spend, promotional activity, and purchase behaviors versus a year ago to quantify shifts in everything from advertising strategy to consumer behavior.

Numerator has launched a new Canadian Insights platform that gives on-demand access to a comprehensive view of the Canadian consumer based on in-depth analysis of 30,000 panelists. 

Numerator is launching a new Social Equality and Awareness Flag enabling brands to track socially responsible ad messages as they are happening. The flag covers Gender Equality, Racial Equality, Socio-Economic Equality and Financial Equality topics. 

Numerator has launched a Household Penetration Acceleration Score that quantifies the extent to which cumulative household penetration has accelerated year-to-date relative to 2019. This helps brands understand the accelerated rate at which households are buying their products. 

Numerator has now quantified the rate at which eCommerce has accelerated for specific CPG categories during COVID-19. For the first time, brands and retailers can understand the step-change in pace with which consumer households turned to eCommerce solutions to meet their shopping needs. This is essential insight as brands seek to forecast 2nd half inventory and allocate marketing spend. 

Numerator has launched a weekly Price Volatility Index to provide needed insight into the price volatility of durables and CPG products as a recession looms. 

Numerator launched the Numerator Canadian OmniPanel, the first and only omnichannel consumer insights panel for Canada. The Numerator Canadian OmniPanel focuses on fast moving consumer goods and has consumer shopping and brand behaviour across 15 retail channels -- including online -- for individual panelists.

Numerator has launched six new products and capabilities to help brands and retailers quickly understand COVID-19 market dynamics -- including fast access to consumer buying behavior, fast understanding of COVID-19 advertising and promotions, and pre-configured people groups enabling more detailed analysis.

Numerator has launched two new indices to provide needed visibility into the shifts of advertising and promotional activities as a result of COVID-19. The Promotions Index and Advertising Index will be published weekly throughout the outbreak period, and are available to the public.

Numerator has now extended its weekly Numerator Shopping Behavior Index tracker to include QSRs (quick service restaurants), home improvement, consumer electronics and office supply stores to provide further visibility into consumer buying behavior shifts driven by COVID-19 (Coronavirus). The Numerator Shopping Behavior Index now highlights shifts in U.S. consumer buying behavior versus a year ago across 18 retail channels with an omnichannel view on a week by week basis. 

The Numerator Stockpiling Index will be published weekly to help brands, retailers, analysts and others with much-needed understanding of how in-store stockpiling behaviors are driving retail sales, as well as to start to anticipate the trailing impact on the second half of 2020. Understanding causal behaviors is key to retailers and brands determining strategy and action planning. 

Numerator will now publish a weekly Numerator Shopping Behavior Index tracker to provide needed visibility into consumer buying behavior shifts driven by COVID-19 (Coronavirus). The Numerator Shopping Behavior Index highlights shifts in U.S. consumer buying behavior versus a year ago across 14 retail channels on a week by week basis.

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