Numerator, today announced a multi-year investment unpinning significant enhancements in its omnichannel consumer data. The focus of this investment has been on new data capture, large scale transcription and a more flexible data architecture.

Numerator has announced the launch of Portfolio Insights. Portfolio Insights is designed to help manufacturers understand brand performance and growth opportunities based on how consumers enter into their portfolio of brands and evolve across products over time.  

Numerator has launched a Grocery Vulnerability Index to guide CPG brands and retailers on the impact that increased out-of-home dining has on selected grocery categories, as restaurants add capacity and COVID-19 vaccinations become widely available. The index measures the likelihood that a change in quick service restaurant (QSR) spending correlates to a change in spending on a given grocery category.

Numerator has launched a Vaccinated Shopper Behavior Tracker to study the impact of COVID-19 vaccines on consumer shopping behavior. The tracker showcases the weekly, cross-channel purchase behavior of more than 7,000 early vaccinated shoppers, and spans 13 channels, including online. Vaccinated shoppers are defined as having been fully vaccinated by March 1st of this year, based on a survey fielded to Numerator’s entire 100k (static) consumer OmniPanel.

Numerator has launched a Reopening Shopping Behavior Index to provide visibility into consumer buying behavior shifts across both pandemic (2020) and pre-pandemic (2019) periods. The new dashboard covers sales, trips per household, spend per trip, and total household shopping for fast moving consumer goods indexed against both 2020 and 2019 data for 16 retail channels. The initial index reports data through 3/7/21 (with Early Read data through 3/14/21) and will be updated on a weekly basis.

Numerator has launched a COVID Buyer Habit Index to understand the stickiness of new consumer buying behaviors formed during COVID-19. The analysis examines seven major FMCG categories (Alcohol, Baking & Cooking, Beverages, Meat, Snacks, Personal Care, and Vitamins & Supplements) to identify which categories were more habit forming in 2020 vs. 2019.

Numerator has launched a consumer sentiment study to understand how people plan to celebrate, shop and spend for Easter 2021. Overall, 2 in 5 consumers (39%) plan to celebrate at home due to COVID-19 concerns, one-third (32%) plan to do their shopping online, and one-third (33%) plan to spend less than previous Easter holidays.

Numerator has launched a Home Improvement Tracker to monitor omnichannel buying behavior, advertising, and promotional activity for major home improvement categories. The tracker reports change versus year ago for online and in-store performance metrics (household penetration, buying rate, and purchase frequency). It also provides an index of year-over-year promotions and advertisements.

Numerator has released a new reference report, The Path to Understanding, detailing consumer dynamics by race / ethnicity, including consumer share of spend, psychographics, media consumption and sentiment. 

Numerator has launched a Sweet Treat Tracker to monitor omnichannel sales trends across categories typically viewed as indulgences, including candy, bakery sweet goods, baking chips and mixes, frozen desserts, ice cream, packaged cookies and snack cakes.

Numerator has launched a Health Trends Tracker to monitor sales trends and consumer sentiment among select health categories associated with start of year health intentions, including Fresh and Frozen Produce, Vitamins & Supplements, Meat Alternatives, and Activity Trackers & Smartwatches.

Numerator announced that Bridgette Heller has joined its Board of Directors as of January 2021. Heller has held senior executive leadership roles at Danone, Merck & Co., Johnson & Johnson and Kraft Heinz over her 35 year career, and she is currently a member of Novartis' Board of Directors.

Numerator has launched a consumer sentiment study to understand how people plan to celebrate, shop and spend for Valentine’s Day 2021. Overall, nearly half (45.8%) of consumers plan to celebrate at home due to COVID-19 concerns, and more than half (52.5%) plan to buy their Valentine’s gifts online.

Numerator has released a new analysis on consumer shopping trips in tracked and untracked channels for 200 major CPG product categories. Tracked channels typically include brick and mortar stores in the food, drug and mass retail channels. Untracked channels include convenience, health, beauty, pet, liquor, dollar and specialty stores, as well as all online shopping.

Numerator has launched a consumer sentiment study to understand how consumers plan to watch and spend regarding Super Bowl LV. Overall, there will be fewer repeat watchers, fewer gatherings, and less planned spend. Numerator polled 1,500 past Super Bowl viewers, evaluating responses using psychographic data collected via MicroSurveys. 

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