Verified Buyers, Purchase Data and COVID Ads Now Accessible within Days

Chicago, IL (April 23, 2020) – Numerator, a data and tech company serving the market research space, has launched six new products and capabilities to help brands and retailers quickly understand COVID-19 market dynamics — including fast access to consumer buying behavior, fast understanding of COVID-19 advertising and promotions, and pre-configured people groups enabling more detailed analysis.

“Waiting 4 to 6 weeks for consumer insights data is no longer acceptable. We’re using our advanced technology to make data available within days of consumer purchasing and allowing brands to survey consumers within 24 hours of a known purchase,” said Eric Belcher, CEO, Numerator. “We’re able to quickly adapt our platform to incorporate new capabilities that help the market find out what they want to know, when they need it – which is now.”

COVID-19 has highlighted the need for near real-time visibility into consumer buying behavior. Numerator has launched two products that provide access to consumers and their buying behavior with unprecedented speed:

  • Flash Panel Data Feed – incorporates Early Read consumer purchasing data that is days out from purchase transaction into Numerator data feeds for data lake application.
  • Quick Pulse Instant Survey – allows brands and retailers to instantly trigger their own custom surveys within the Numerator Insights platform directly to verified buyers in the Numerator Test Panel, with optional pre-configured COVID-specific questions, including access to consumers within 24 hours of them making a purchase.

COVID-19 has driven substantial swings in advertising and promotional spend with brands rapidly integrating COVID-specific messaging. To help brands quickly understand this changing landscape, Numerator has launched:

  • COVID-19 Advertising Flag – allows brands and agencies to quickly identify shifts in creative execution based on COVID related terminology; includes general terms (e.g., coronavirus, COVID-19) as well as industry-specific terms like “deferred payments” or “interest-free financing” in automotive and “online ordering,” “curbside pick-up” and “contactless delivery” for restaurants.
  • COVID-19 Promotions Flag – allows brands and retailers to quickly identify shifts in promotional offers using both generic and industry-specific terminology.

COVID-19 has also created demand to understand purchasing behaviors through the lens of consumer sentiment. Numerator has launched:

  • COVID-19 Sentiment People Groups – allows brands to pull reports using people groups tied to weekly levels of concern regarding COVID-19 (including not concerned, somewhat concerned and very concerned) within Numerator Insights.
  • Stockpiling Behaviors People Groups – allows Numerator consultants to pull reports using people groups based on average stockpiling behaviors, pre/post COVID-19.

“We’ve been pushing the market towards data that is fresher and easier to access. COVID-19 has accelerated the market hunger for fast access to consumer buying, advertising and promotional data,” said Chetan Ghai, Chief Product Officer, Numerator.

About Numerator

Numerator is a data and tech company serving the market research space. Headquartered in Chicago, IL, Numerator has 1,600 employees worldwide. The company blends proprietary data with advanced technology to create unique insights for the market research industry that has been slow to change. The majority of Fortune 100 companies are Numerator clients.

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