Nearly 1 in 5 Prime Day Shoppers Reported Buying Groceries; 1 in 10 Joined Prime Since Start of COVID

CHICAGO, June 22, 2021 — Numerator, a data and tech company serving the market research space, has published early read results from the first 32 hours of Prime Day 2021. Data is updated throughout the two-day Prime Day event on Numerator’s live Amazon Prime Day tracker and includes verified spend, order, item and basket metrics; shopper demographics; and verified Prime Day buyer survey data, powered by Numerator’s omnichannel consumer purchase panel.

Prime Day purchase data findings include:

  • The average Prime Day 2021 spend per order is $47.14 (down from $54.64 on Prime Day 2020 and $58.91 on Prime Day 2019). So far, 44% of orders were placed for $20 or less, and nearly a quarter (24%) were for more than $100.
  • Nearly half (45%) of households shopping Prime Day have already placed 2+ orders, and 6% placed 5+ orders within the first 32 hours of Prime Day.
  • The average household spend is approximately $92, with 1 in 10 households (11%) spending more than $200.
  • The top five items sold on Prime Day so far are all Amazon branded: Amazon Photos Project, Amazon Gift Card Reload, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Echo Dot 4th Generation, and Amazon Fire Tablet.
  • The typical observed Prime Day shopper is a high income, suburban female, age 35-44.

Prime Day verified buyer survey findings include:

  • More than 9 in 10 Prime Day shoppers (98%) said they were Amazon Prime members. The majority (83%) had joined Prime pre-COVID (before March 1, 2020), and 10% said they joined Prime after the start of the pandemic.
    • 2% of these new pandemic Prime members joined yesterday during Prime Day 2021, down slightly from the 3% who joined on Prime Day 2020, and 8% who joined during Prime Day 2019.
  • Half of Prime Day shoppers (50%) said they bought items included in Prime Day deals, and nearly a quarter (24%) said they bought the same items they usually buy on Amazon.
  • More than half (54%) only considered Amazon for their purchase. A quarter (25%) considered Walmart/, 20% considered Target/, 9% considered Club retailers, and 7% considered Best Buy/Best, Grocery retailers, or Department stores.
  • Three-quarters (78%) of Prime Day buyers didn’t compare Amazon prices with any other website or store, and nearly 3 in 5 Prime Day shoppers (59%) only made purchases from Amazon on Prime Day.
  • 7% used Prime Day to get started on holiday shopping, and 3% said they bought back-to-school items.
  • Top categories that Prime Day buyers reported purchasing are Household Essentials (29% of respondents), Home & Garden (27%), and Apparel & Shoes (25%).
    • Nearly 1 in 5 shoppers (19%) say they bought Groceries from Amazon on Prime Day, a significant percentage on a day historically known for Consumer Electronics sales.
    • Consumer Electronics was the fourth most purchased category (25% of Prime Day shoppers), down from its number one position during last year’s Prime Day (32% of Prime Day 2020 shoppers).
    • Amazon-branded products accounted for 63% of Smart Home Device purchases, 41% of Household Essentials, 39% of Consumer Electronics, 35% of Apparel & Shoes, and 29% of Grocery purchases.
    • Of those who purchased Home & Garden or Apparel & Shoes products, 21% in each category said they were unsure if the items they purchased were Amazon brands. 17% were unsure in Household Essentials, 15% in Baby, 14% in Health & Beauty, and 14% in Pet Care – possible indications of how prevalent and varied Amazon private label brands have become.
  • Three-quarters (78%) of Prime Day shoppers had shopped on Prime Day in previous years and more than 9 in 10 (96%) said they are likely to shop Prime Day again if Amazon were to hold a second event later in 2021.
    • Of those who shopped Prime Day in both 2020 and 2021, nearly half (45%) prefer the timing of a June event over an October event (20%).

Amazon Prime Day 2021: Categories Purchased
Percentage of Prime Day Buyers Responding as of 6/22/21 at 9am ET

Categories Percentage of Prime Day Buyers Purchasing
Household Essentials 29.0%
Home & Garden 27.1%
Apparel & Shoes 25.2%
Consumer Electronics 24.9%
Health & Beauty 24.9%
Grocery 18.9%
Smart Home Devices 14.9%
Pet Care 13.9%
Toys & Video Games 13.4%
Books, Videos & Media 10.6%
Baby Items 7.9%

Source: Numerator Prime Day Survey

Data on the Amazon Prime Day Tracker will continue to be updated throughout the duration of the Prime Day event (through 6/23/21). Numerator purchase data insights are based on 11,091 Prime Day orders from 5,678 unique households. The Numerator Prime Day 2021 survey was fielded on 6/21/2021 to 417 verified Prime Day buyers.

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