As part of the Vista portfolio, Numerator has been able to scale for sustained growth since its formation. In 2019, Numerator brought in Eric Belcher as CEO. Upon joining Numerator, Belcher said, “The combination of the Numerator customer base, product innovation opportunity, and Vista’s commitment to growth offers a unique opportunity to fundamentally redefine how brands understand what and why consumers buy and the transformation of marketing research to technology-enabled solutions. Our comprehensive view of what influences consumer buying, coupled with the most modern platform for understanding consumer behaviors, presents an exciting advantage and an opportunity that I look forward to capturing.”

Through innovations that have been implemented with the support of Vista, Numerator has become a vital resource for grocery stores during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Its data insights are able to provide stores with critical awareness of how lockdowns, business restrictions and shelter-in-place orders have affected these stores’ retail vertical and consumer demographics. Numerator’s analytic tools have helped stores identify which products are selling and can predict which shelves will be empty at each location through the use of its proprietary consumer panel, which consists of more than half a million active monthly users.

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