New Health Trends Tracker Highlights Growth of Vitamins and Meat Alternatives, Numerator Reports

Fresh Vegetable Growth Outpaces Frozen and Fruit


CHICAGO, February 15, 2021 -- Numerator, a data and tech company serving the market research space, has launched a Health Trends Tracker to monitor sales trends and consumer sentiment among select health categories associated with start of year health intentions, including Fresh and Frozen Produce, Vitamins & Supplements, Meat Alternatives, and Activity Trackers & Smartwatches. 

The Health Trends Tracker reports an index of year over year category sales for the past 13 months with additional data from a survey of 3,000+ verified health category buyers. 

Health Trends Index shows: 

  • All categories were up versus prior year in 2020 in line with increased eating at home, stockpiling behaviors and health concerns throughout the pandemic.
  • All categories are up January 2021 versus 2020, noting January 2020 behaviors predated widespread concern about the pandemic.
  • Vitamins & Supplements show the highest growth at +23%, followed by Meat Alternatives and Fresh Vegetables at +21% and +13% respectively.

Sales Growth Index for Tracked Health Categories 





Activity Trackers & Smartwatches

Vitamins & Supplements





Meat Alternatives

Annual Sales

2020 vs. 2019








YTD Sales

2021 vs. 2020








Key consumer sentiment findings among verified buyers of health categories include:

  • Consumer health-related behaviors have improved during COVID: 42% of those surveyed indicated their health-related behaviors have improved since the onset of COVID, with 42% indicating they had not changed since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and 15% reporting their health-related behaviors had declined.
  • Consumers plan to improve: 74% of consumers indicated they were targeting a healthier lifestyle in 2021. More than half (54%) intend to purchase more healthy foods, and 45% intend to purchase fewer unhealthy foods in 2021.
  • COVID is helping drive healthier change: 14% of respondents said their year-to-date 2021 health purchases were a result of a COVID-related behavioral change, while another 14% said the purchases were influenced by start-of-year intentions related to their health. This number jumps to 27% of consumers indicating their year-to-date Vitamins & Supplements purchases were related to a COVID health focus. 

The Health Trends Tracker is updated bi-weekly with YTD omnichannel sales data. 

About Numerator
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