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Life at Numerator.

Work Hard. Play Hard. Give Back.

Numerator is dedicated to creating a workplace where employees are free to bring their whole selves to work each day, and where employees feel engaged in their work, the business, and the company. We don’t just talk about engagement, we action it. Our camaraderie extends past the work that we do. Taking time out and having a bit of fun is important. We take our work seriously, but not ourselves.


Numerator is filled with smart and hardworking people who all work towards a common goal, and that's not where it stops. The culture is the best I've ever experienced in my career. Our leadership encourages individuality and allows us to bring our authentic selves as contributors to the team. Here it's not just about what you can contribute - it's also about how you can grow. 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Join the change.
We’re focused on creating an inclusive, dynamic and diverse work environment. We value and celebrate different perspectives, not only to create a vibrant workplace for our existing staff, but also to attract the mission-driven, talented individuals who will make Numerator even stronger.

Our vision for Culture, Belonging, Inclusion and Diversity:


Values all facets and dimensions of diversity, and embraces everyone's unique selves.


Works toward creating a more just and diverse workplace, that proactively guards against unconscious bias.


Is full of empathy, respect, and inclusivity.

life at numerator

We care deeply that Numerator is a place where each team member is valued holistically, and we will not stop working toward that vision.

To support an inclusive environment where employees feel empowered to share their experiences and ideas.

  • We’ve encouraged the creation of a variety of Employee Resource Groups.
  • We've developed Learning & Development programs and libraries to generate discussion around Culture, Belonging, Inclusion and Diversity.
  • We've committed to partnering with our local communities on social initiatives that are near and dear to our employees.

Employee Resource Groups.

Culture, Belonging, Inclusion, and Diversity (CBID) Council
Numerator has a dedicated Global CBID Council that works to foster change related to diversity, inclusion, and belonging. The CBID Council focuses on anti-discrimination, and promotes respect, inclusion, opportunity, and community at Numerator. The Council works in partnership with Numerator Leadership, and individual employees to advise, provide ideas and direction, and help drive initiatives and programs across Numerator.

Employee Resource Groups
Our Employee Resource Groups have been created to bring together diverse team members and their allies. Our employee-led ERGs are built on community, creating inclusion and developing a sense of belonging at Numerator. 


A support forum and safe space for Asian/Asian diaspora employees and those interested in learning more about our cultures and communities. Our main objective is to generate awareness and appreciation of the cultural contribution, and societal and professional issues facing the wider Asian diaspora.


The Black ERG is a forum and safe space designed to promote an environment of inclusivity and equality for Black, African, Caribbean employees. Our goal is to raise awareness of the cultural contributions, and the societal and professional issues facing the wider Black, African, Caribbean communities.


The Numerator Pride ERG is committed to uplifting and validating all voices of the LGBTQIAP+ community. We seek to redraw the lines of what inclusivity means by promoting education and a judgment-free environment through networking, panels, and safe spaces.


The Women's ERG is focused on creating an inclusive and empathetic space where current and new Numerati feel comfortable sharing ideas, opinions, and feelings. We promote the development of women through mentorship and connections.


I love being surrounded by people who are passionate about problem-solving. I get to be wowed every day by people who are just plain fantastic at what they do. The Numerator culture is largely focused on solutions, and I love that. The first response I get when looking at complex challenges is "Here's how we might approach it," and that's so much more refreshing than "Boy, that's a big challenge."

life at numerator

Numerator Experience Teams.

As part of creating a great employee experience at Numerator, we have dedicated Numerator Experience Teams (NExTs) for all of our global locations — including our permanent remote team! NExTs are made up of employee volunteer members and are responsible for many of our social events including year-end celebrations, trivia, walking challenges, and more. NExTs help to create a sense of togetherness across Numerator and play an integral role in ensuring the employee experience is top-notch! 

dog working from home

Work-from-home flexibility.

Here at Numerator, we've made all corporate roles have maximum flexibility between office and remote work, except for rare situations when the role requires coming into an office regularly. In those situations, the recruiter of that role will clarify at the beginning of the process if that is the case. In fully remote situations, the Company will provide the technical equipment necessary to be successful in the role. In addition to maximum flexibility of return-to-office, the Company also provides generous PTO, Internally Quiet Focus Time, and other recharge efforts to give time back to employees.


We give back.

NumeratorStrong represents our sense of responsibility to the community and environment within which we operate. It is the way in which we work towards social initiatives and participate in strengthening our corporate citizenship. The core of NumeratorStrong is ensuring all members of the organization are held accountable, and that all members work towards transparency for our clients and colleagues by meeting expectations in an ethical and responsible manner.


Numerator is proud to offer a Volunteer Grant Program that all employees can utilize. In addition, Numerator provides a Volunteer Incentive Program where all eligible employees receive 16 paid hours per year to volunteer for an organization or cause they are passionate about.

We also host an annual volunteer day — Numerator Day — to promote cultural development, learning and continued growth in our communities.

Corporate Match
Numerator is proud to offer a Fundraising Match Program. Through the Fundraising Match Program, a corporate match will be provided for qualifying fundraising efforts or donations.

Numerator Day 2020

trees planted

flowers planted

cards of hope created

gallons of trash collected