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2020 Halloween Candy Tracker

According to a recent Numerator study, nearly 3 in 4 consumers (73%) expect to celebrate Halloween differently this year—with 52% indicating they expect to spend less on candy. This presents new challenges for brands marketing Halloween treats to consumers in 2020.

In order to help retailers and manufacturers keep a pulse on the competitive landscape throughout the Halloween season, Numerator is launching a 2020 Halloween Candy Tracker. The interactive dashboards below will provide real-time insight into weekly omnichannel advertising and promotions data across the candy category, as brands adjust their strategies throughout the season in response to shifting consumer behavior.

Halloween Candy Promotions

  • Total candy promotions are down in Week 43, from 4320 total promoted products in 2019 to 4320 in 2020
  • Web promotions increased in Week 43 vs the same time last year, from 24.0% in 2019 to 38.3% in 2020
  • Kroger had the highest share of candy promotions (10.5%) in Week 43

You can navigate between topics by clicking on the header (e.g. Brands) and toggle between weeks within that topic by clicking on the week number.

Halloween Candy Advertising

  • Total ad spend within the candy category was down between 10/19/20 and 10/25/20 when compared to the same dates YA, with an index of 82
  • The number of ads featuring Halloween messaging continue to rise, both week-over-week—with 71 unique ads mentioning "Halloween" between 10/19/20 and 10/25/20 vs 53 in the previous week—and year-over-year (45 ads in 2019).
  • Candy bars were again the most advertised subcategory, accounting for 59.2% of candy advertisements

What Consumers Are Saying

Numerator surveyed 2,000 verified holiday shoppers to understand how people plan to celebrate, shop, and spend for Halloween 2020:

  • Nearly 3 in 4 consumers (73%) expect their Halloween celebrations to be somewhat or significantly different this year, with 52% expecting to buy less candy this Halloween than they did last.
  • Only 25% of respondents indicated someone in their household planned to participate in Trick-or-Treating activities this year, with an additional 32% responding they were unsure. 43% said they would not be participating.
  • The number of households planning to purchase Halloween candy & snacks for trick-or-treaters are down significantly this year (48%) versus last (64%). At the same time, those intending to purchase for household consumption are up from 56% in 2019 to 62% in 2020.

For more on how consumers are thinking about Halloween, read the full blog >>

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