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The Numerator Holiday Gifting Tracker monitors purchasing & promotional trends for top gift categories including Beauty, Electronics, Gift Cards, Home Goods, Power & Hand Tools, and Toys. Weekly updates to the tracker will provide the fastest, most complete insights into the 2021 holiday shopping season.

2021 Holiday Gift Sales & Shopping

Ample runway remains for brands looking to sleigh the holidays. Sales of most gift categories are up slightly this holiday shopping season to-date versus 2019, though are flat or down versus 2020’s unprecedented pandemic boost & belated Prime Day. Compared to the 2019 season, Home Goods, Power & Hand Tools and Toys are all seeing noteworthy elevated sales. Sales of Electronics and Beauty supplies are both up slightly versus 2019, while Gift Cards are down. Nearly half of all dollars in these categories from September through December are spent between Black Friday & Christmas Day.

2021 Holiday Gift Promotions

Brands are getting holly-jolly with their holiday promotions. Promotions in holiday gift categories are up this season-to-date, with Beauty, Electronics, Gift Cards, Home Goods and Tools all showing elevated promotions this year versus last. Toys are the only category with fewer promotions this year. Promotions versus 2019 are also up for all categories except Toys and Electronics. 

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Reach out to our team to learn more about how your business is performing this holiday season. Who are your buyers, where are they shopping, and how are your competitors advertising & promoting their products? Numerator is here to bring you the fastest, most comprehensive insights to stuff your stocking this holiday season. 

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