Know More About Consumers’ Shifting Holiday Expectations

Survey: 2021 Holiday Intentions

To help brands, retailers and agencies inform their strategies for key holidays & events, we’ve surveyed over 3,000 consumers to understand how they expect to celebrate— and shop for— upcoming 2021 holidays. Click through the interactive charts below to find out how consumers anticipate their celebrations, shopping and spending habits will change for Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day and Easter this year. 

For additional insights and a more in-depth analysis on how consumers are thinking about upcoming holiday events, download the full PDF report. 


Valentine's Day 2021

  • While Valentine’s Day often serves as an opportunity for a date night out on the town, this year’s celebrations are more likely to take place at home than at bars or restaurants, with consumers opting for cooking or takeout.
  • Gift giving is likely to be down this Valentine’s Day, with 20% fewer households planning to purchase gifts for the holiday this year.
  • One in five consumers don’t expect their Valentine’s Day plans to be impacted by COVID-19, likely influenced by partners and loved ones residing in the same household.

St. Patrick's Day 2021

  • One-third of St. Patrick’s Day celebrators typically spend the holiday at bars, parties or parades, all of which will be limited this year due to COVID-19.
  • For a holiday typically enjoyed publicly or with larger groups, many consumers say they’re less likely to purchase St. Patrick’s Day supplies overall this year– both in public and for at-home consumption. 
  • Half of St. Patrick’s Day celebrators say they’ll spend the holiday at home this year

Easter 2021

  • While nearly three-fourths of consumers typically gather with friends and family for Easter, this year less than half will do so. 
  • Despite an anticipated per-household decrease in spend, driven by more intimate gatherings, the increase in overall gatherings may outweigh the decrease in gathering size, as we saw at Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • Still a few months out, some consumers are optimistic that Easter will experience less COVID-19 impact. However, nearly twice as many expect to spend their Easters at home with limited contact with others. 
Holiday Intentions Study

For additional insights and a more in-depth analysis on how consumers are thinking about upcoming holiday events— including retail channel preferences and spending breakdowns— download the full PDF report.

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