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Numerator's Q3 2021 Holiday Survey. To help brands, retailers and agencies inform their strategies for key holidays & events, we’ve surveyed 2,000 consumers to understand how they expect to celebrate— and shop for— upcoming 2021 holidays. Explore the interactive charts below for a high-level view of intended consumer celebration, shopping and spending habits for Fourth of July and Labor Day, or download the full report for a more in-depth analysis with additional views.

Upcoming Holiday Overview

  • Most American consumers expect a return to normal holiday celebrations this summer. 68% believe this will happen on or before the Fourth of July, and 38% have already celebrated at least one 2021 holiday normally.
  • Not everyone plans to go all-out with their summer celebrations; while 63% say they’ll be celebrating summer holidays normally or on a larger scale this year, 37% plan to keep their summer celebrations small.
  • Vaccinated individuals are the most likely to remain cautious this summer. They are 1.2x more likely to keep their summer holiday celebrations small compared to the average consumer, and 1.7x more likely than those not planning to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Learn more about vaccinated shoppers by downloading our full holiday report


Father's Day 2021

(from Q2 Holiday Survey)

  • 40% of consumers expect their Father’s Day plans to be unaffected by COVID restrictions
  • Celebrating in-person with dad tops the chart for this year’s Father's Day plans. Though down from previous years, more than 1 in 3 plan to celebrate in-person this Father’s Day.
  • While intention to give gifts this year is down from 47% to 36%, more than 9 in 10 plan to spend the same or more on gifts this year vs. prior years.

Fourth of July 2021

  • The pandemic’s influence will be marginal this Fourth of July, with 41% of consumers expecting to be able to celebrate with no impact from COVID restrictions.  An additional 48% only expect a slight impact.
  • 2021 Fourth of July plans are reminiscent of pre-pandemic times, with many consumers planning family/friend gatherings, barbecues, and home celebrations. Public celebration plans are still expected to be below pre-COVID levels. 
  • Despite the slightly reduced likelihood of celebrating outside the home, 86% of shoppers expect to spend about the same or slightly more on this year’s holiday vs. previous years to supplement their gatherings. 

Labor Day 2021

  • 44% consumers expect to celebrate Labor Day normally this year, while nearly half expect at least a slight COVID impact.
  • Celebrations will look largely similar to previous years. Over 3 in 5 consumers are still planning grill-outs, barbecues, and family/friend gatherings.  
  • 1 in 4 consumers are planning to spend somewhat or significantly more on their Labor Day celebrations than they have in previous years. 
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The Latest: 2021
Q3 Holiday Report

For further insights and a more in-depth analysis on how consumers are thinking about upcoming summer holidays like Fourth of July and Labor Day, download the full report with additional views including:

  • How holiday expectations differ based on COVID-19 vaccination status
  • Which foods & drinks consumers will buy for their holiday celebrations
  • Whether summer celebrations will return to pre-COVID levels

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