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The Numerator Candy Tracker provides weekly insight into consumer buying behavior in the candy category throughout the holiday season, as well as monthly insights into candy-related advertising & promotional activity. Insights for purchase and promotions activities are broken out by seasonal vs. non-seasonal candy, to give an in-depth look at both holiday-related and everyday candy trends.

2021 Candy Sales & Shopping

The Halloween candy craze captured more consumers than ever. Seasonal candy sales are up 34% to-date in the second half of 2021 versus last year, and up 41.3% versus two years ago. This growth has primarily been driven by an increased household penetration in the category (+5.2 percentage points versus YA & 2YA), though household buying rates are also up slightly compared to years past. 

Everyday candy continues to satisfy sweet tooths everywhere. Sales of non-seasonal candy – which make up the bulk of overall candy sales throughout the year– also remain elevated versus 2020 and 2019 (+21.5% and +27.6%) driven by higher buy rates per household and a small increase in overall household penetration. Last year, non-seasonal candy saw a pronounced boost the week of Halloween, as consumers supplemented their traditional Halloween candy purchases with some of their everyday favorites.


2021 Candy Promotional Trends

Seasonal candy promotions are feeling a sugar rush in 2021. Total promoted products within the seasonal candy category are up 19% July through October versus 2020 and 24% versus 2019. These increases were seen most significantly early in the season, with promoted products up over 200% in July versus year-ago. Promotions for everyday candy are up as well, even more significantly than seasonal candy (+40% vs. YA & +30% vs. 2YA). 


2021 Candy Advertising Trends

Advertising is looking a little less sweet this year, with overall ad spend & occurrences down in the candy category. While candy related ad occurrences are moderately down (-21% vs. YA and -12% vs. 2YA), candy ad spend is down even more significantly (-32% & -40%).

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