30% of EV Owners Reside in Pacific US, 46% Own a Tesla Vehicle; Savings on Fuel & Maintenance Top Environmental Concerns in EV Purchase Decisions

> 57% of Consumers Plan to Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend; 44% Plan to Purchase Alcoholic Beverages, Numerator Reports

Gen Z More Likely to Shop at Dollar Stores, Gen X More Likely to Purchase Alcoholic Beverages for Holiday Weekend; Goose Island, New Glarus, Guinness Poised for Memorial Day Spike in Unit Sales

> 64% of U.S. Households Buy Seasonal Allergy Medication; 72% of Buyers Say Brand Name and Private Label Offer Same Quality, Numerator Reports

17% of Allergy Med Buyers Are More Likely to Consider a Brand After Seeing Ads; Zyrtec, Claritin, Equate (Walmart) Capture Highest Share of Spend

> 78% of Consumers Plan to Celebrate Mother’s Day, Gen Z Twice as Likely to Give Gifts, Numerator Reports

36% of Consumers Plan to Give Mother’s Day Gifts, 34% Plan to Dine Out; 54% of Mother’s Day Alcohol Buyers Opt for Wine

> 82% of Shoppers Cannot Match Celebrities to the Brands They Own, Numerator Reports

Fenty Beauty (Rihanna), Haus Laboratories (Lady Gaga), KYLIE (Kylie Jenner) Buyers Show Highest Awareness of Celebrity Affiliation; Consumers Less Likely to Recommend Influencer Brands than Mainstream Brands

> 36% of Marijuana Users Report Reduced Alcohol Consumption Since Using Cannabis Products, Numerator Reports

31% Say they Spend $100+ Per Month on THC Products; Users Over Index with Doordash, Uber Eats, Little Caesars, Energy Drinks, and Snacking Categories

> 69% of Consumers Plan to Celebrate Easter, 53% to Buy Candy, Numerator Reports

Gen Z Three Times as Likely to Order Takeout on Easter; Millennials Most Likely to Give Gifts

> Numerator Partner Ecosystem Now Includes Snowflake, AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud

Single-Sourced, Verified Consumer Purchasing Data Available As Soon As One Day After Trip

> Numerator Reports 87 of the Top 100 Growing CPG Major Categories Grew Faster in Channels Outside of Food, Drug and Mass in 2023

Single-Sourced Consumer Data Shows Majority of Shoppers Buy Major Categories Both Inside and Outside of FDM

> Numerator Expands Single-Sourced Verified Data to Amazon Prime and Walmart+ Membership Data

Amazon Prime Members Spend 12% More than the Average Amazon Shopper

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