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The Numerator eCommerce Acceleration Index

The Numerator eCommerce Acceleration Index highlights our unique ability to track longitudinal consumer behavior across online and offline channels.

The Numerator eCommerce Acceleration Index shows the dramatic spike in the rate of active online shoppers purchasing each category during COVID-19 relative to each category’s multi-year baseline. For the first time, brands and retailers can understand the step-change in pace with which consumer households turned to eCommerce solutions to meet their shopping needs. This is essential insight as brands seek to forecast 2nd half inventory and allocate marketing spend.

In order to best understand how to think about the acceleration in consumer behavior online, please review the white paper. You’ll learn:

  • How has purchasing behavior been changing when households started buying a category online?

  • Has the historical pattern of online adoption increased (accelerated) since the COVID-19 outbreak?

  • What are the future implications of any changes observed since COVID-19?


The rate of HH’s using online to purchase Ice Cream during March & April was 9x the pre-COVID multi-year baseline

The Numerator eCommerce Acceleration Index measures the acceleration in households using online to purchase each category 

  • Ice Cream ecommerce accelerates nearly 9x, or over 20 months ahead in 2.5 months
  • The much covered consumption of hand sanitizer is now quantified at over a 3 year acceleration in just 10 weeks
  • Household staples including Bath Tissue and Liquid Hand Soap accelerated nearly 18 months as consumers spend more time at home
  • Canned Foods and Frozen Foods are also already over one year ahead as consumers increase at-home food consumption
Online Acceleration Index

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