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In-store sales on the rise for vaccinated shoppers in recent weeks

  • In-store sales have been rising consistently among vaccinated shoppers since the beginning of the year, with two dips in weeks 4 and 7 likely driven by winter weather disruptions
  • Gas & Convenience sales see the clearest upwards trend, as vaccinated shoppers break from COVID norms and get out and about
  • QSR sales tick up more significantly in the past five weeks as comfort with out-of-home eating increases within the group
  • Online sales among vaccinated shoppers up in recent weeks as well, after a few weeks of behaviors in-line with 2020 averages, showing in-store increases won't necessarily result in online decreases
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In-store trips rise above 2020 averages for first time in late Feb 2021

  • Similarly to sales, overall in-store trips and QSR trips are up among vaccinated shoppers in recent weeks, as these shoppers grow more comfortable with out-of-home behaviors
  • For a group that has been more cautious than average, in-person shopping trip increases indicate a clear increase in out-of-home comfort levels
  • Online orders hold steady versus 2020 averages, and grow slightly in recent weeks in spite of in-store increases
4-8 vax trips

Vaccinated shoppers hold steady in-store, decrease slightly online

  • Households shopping online remains up vs. 2020, though slightly less so in recent weeks than earlier in the year, potentially indicating some vaccinated shoppers are moving away from online as they return in-store
  • In-store levels hold steady, with Club and Gas & Convenience channels seeing more distinct increases
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How are vaccinated shoppers interacting with your brand?

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