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The Numerator Promotions Index

Numerator is now publishing a weekly Promotions Index to provide visibility to shifts that are occurring in promotional tactics driven after the outbreak of COVID-19.

The Numerator Promotions Index leverages Numerator Promotions Intel’s comprehensive breadth of coverage and granular detail to track promoted products versus a year ago across media types, offer types and brand groups. This provides visibility into how promotions are shifting in reaction to the spread of Coronavirus.

Circulars, In-Store Coupon and Email media types increased in Week 17

  • Circulars were led by top category groups such as Snacks, Beverage, Frozen and Dairy
  • In-Store Coupons were led by parent retailers such as Walgreens, BJ’s Wholesale Club, Albertsons and Kroger

&Up offer type increased in Week 17

  • &Up offer type was led by category groups such as Exercise Equipment, Tennis, Basketball and Cats
  • &Up offer type was led by departments such as Sporting Goods, General Merchandise, Health & Personal Care and Grocery

The shares of private labels decrease in Week 17

  • The media types with the most private label promotions in Week 17 were Web Promotions, In-Store Coupon Books, Bonus Pages and Circular
  • The page position with the most private labels was led by Coupon Page, Home Page- Rotating Banner and Home Page
  • The top departments with the most promoted private labels were General Merchandise, Grocery, Health & Personal Care and Non-Food Grocery

What’s Covered?

  • Promoted product trends across key media types like circulars, bonus pages, web promotions, in-store coupon books and email
  • Promoted product trend across key offer types like sale price, save, w/puchase/qty, x/for, &Up, and BOGO
  • Weekly Share of Total Promoted Products by Brand Group of National Brand vs Private Label
coronavirus impact on consumer behavior

Looking Ahead: Monthly Consumer Sentiment Survey

As vaccine efforts increase, Numerator is launching a monthly consumer sentiment study to help brands better understand when (and how) consumers plan to resume their normal lives. 

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