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The Numerator Promotions Index

Numerator is now publishing a weekly Promotions Index to provide needed visibility to shifts that are occurring in grocery, general merchandise, and health & personal care stores' promotional tactics driven by Coronavirus. 

The Numerator Promotions Index leverages Numerator Promotions Intel’s comprehensive breadth of coverage and granular detail to track total promoted products versus a year ago across media types, categories, and offer types. This provides visibility into how promotions are shifting in reaction to the spread of Coronavirus, and which categories are rising or falling during this time. This report will be available during the duration of the outbreak only.

Bonus Pages and Email promotions continue to rise in index in Week 26

  • Email promotions were led by the Small Kitchen Appliances, Kitchen & Tabletop, and furniture Category Groups
  • Bonus Page promotions were led by Hair Care, Snacks, and Cosmetics category groups
coronavirus promotions impact

The Cereal category group enters the top-10 promoted products for the first time since week-ending February 29th

  • The Beverage category group was led in promotions by the Carbonated Soft Drink, Bottled Water - Still, and Sports Drinks categories
  • The Cereal category group was led in promotions by the Ready to Eat Cereal, Granola, and Hot Cereal categories
coronavirus promotions impact

Office Supplies over-indexes for the third straight week

  • The Writing Instruments category group enters the top-10 and was led in promotions by the Markers, Pens, and Highlighters categories
  • The Media types with the most Men’s Apparel category group promotions were Circulars, Email, and Web Promotions
coronavirus promotions impact

This is the eighth week in a row the Hair Care category group led the health & personal care and Non-Food Grocery departments

  • The Laundry Product category group was led in promotions by Detergents, Fabric Softeners, and Stain Removing & Clothing Care categories
  • The Digestives category group was led in promotions by the Antacid Tablets, Laxative Tablets, and Laxative Liquid/Powder categories
coronavirus promotions impact

W/Purchase/QTY is the only offer-type to grow in index

  • The three media types to feature W/Purchase/QTY offer-types the most were Circulars, Web Promotions, and Bonus Pages
  • The three most common offer types featured on the front-page of circulars were Sales Price, Save, and X/For
coronavirus promotions impact

The share of private label promotions drops in week 26

  • CVS, Walgreens, and Aldi had the most private-label promotions for two weeks in a row
  • The categories with the most private label promotions in week 25 were Snacks: Nuts & Seeds, Picnic Tableware, and Bottled Water - Still
coronavirus promotions impact
coronavirus impact on consumer behavior

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