Consumers are changing their behavior with the news cycle.

Coronavirus Research Center

To provide the right guidance to your partners and customers, you need cross-channel understanding and fast, flexible data.

We are living in unprecedented times. Consumers are reacting to the COVID-19 outbreak in real-time, forcing brands and retailers to try to keep up. Numerator is committed to helping CPG and durables brands and retailers navigate this dynamic market. During the Coronavirus outbreak, we are publishing a variety of research to help you make strategic decisions and understand the changing landscape of consumer behavior, advertising trends, and much more.

The Latest COVID-19 Insights

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Fast, Complete Insights

The Numerator Shopping Behavior Index tracks U.S. consumer buying behavior versus year ago across 18 retail channels covering the full omnichannel consumer buying experience. It also includes Early Read Data, so you get the fastest, most complete understanding of consumer behavior and can make more informed real-time decisions about your business. See the index >>

Detailed Insights

The Stockpiling Index gives insight into the people behind fast moving consumer good spending including who they are and why they buy. This Index tracks three stockpiling behaviors - pantry fill, stocking-up, and hoarding - and provides a weekly view into each versus prior year behavior. See the index >>

Advertising Insights

The Numerator Advertising Index leverages Numerator Ad Intel’s fast, complete and granular data to track media spend versus a year ago across media types and categories. See how categories are changing their overall spend and shifting their advertising dollars across media types with the spread of the Coronavirus. See the index >>

Promotions Insights

The Numerator Promotions Index leverages Numerator Promotions Intel’s comprehensive breadth of coverage and granular detail to track total promoted products versus a year ago across media types, categories, and offer types. See how promotions are shifting in reaction to the spread of Coronavirus, and which categories are rising or falling during this time. See the index >>

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