Consumers are changing their behavior with the news cycle.

Coronavirus Impact Tracking

To provide the right guidance to your partners and customers, you need cross-channel understanding and fast, flexible data.

COVID-19 Indices

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Reopening Shopping Behavior Index

Fast, Complete Shopper Insights

The Numerator Reopening Shopping Behavior Index with Early Read data provides you with the fastest, most complete understanding of consumer behavior so you can make more informed real-time decisions about your business. It tracks U.S. consumer buying behavior week-over-week and covers 16 major channels, giving you needed visibility into channel shifting behaviors in our increasingly omnichannel world.

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CPG Normalization Index

Updated July 2021

The tracker leverages monthly surveys of verified buyers to provide insights into how and why behaviors are evolving, particularly as it relates in-home and out-of-home consumption.

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COVID Buyer Habit Index

This index compares repeat purchase behavior of new category buyers during the height of COVID-19 panic buying (March / April 2020) to new buyers in the same period in 2019 to determine which categories in 2020 were more habit-forming in 2020, based on repeat buying behaviors.

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Grocery Vulnerability Index

With many Quick Serve Restaurants (QSRs) and restaurants closed or limited since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers have had to shift spending to groceries and other at-home meal options. How will various grocery categories be affected as consumers return to restaurants and QSRs?

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eCommerce Acceleration Index

Updated February 2021

The Numerator eCommerce Acceleration Index highlights our unique ability to track longitudinal consumer behavior across online and offline channels.

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Advertising Index

Advertising Insights

The Numerator Advertising Index leverages Numerator Ad Intel’s fast, complete and granular data to track media spend versus a year ago across media types and categories. 

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Promotions Index

Promotions Insights

The Numerator Promotions Index leverages Numerator Promotions Intel’s comprehensive breadth of coverage and granular detail to track total promoted products versus a year ago across media types, categories, and offer types. 

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Stockpiling Index

Detailed Insights

The Stockpiling Index gives insight into the people behind fast moving consumer good spending including who they are and why they buy. This Index tracks three stockpiling behaviors - pantry fill, stocking-up, and hoarding - and provides a weekly view into each versus prior year behavior.

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