Make your greatest marketing asset — your first-party data — more powerful and actionable.​

Powered by clean room technology, SecureMeasure allows you to match your CRM data to America’s largest, most representative, single-sourced and unbiased consumer panel to quantify your marketing ROI.

A single, unbiased data source that can
measure the true ROI of your marketing strategies
across all channels and retailers.

Historically, brands have had to rely on fragmented data sets to make assumptions about the effectiveness of their marketing. Now, with SecureMeasure, brands can match their CRM data against an omnichannel dataset that can be segmented by marketing tactic, channel, audience and more. Understand which marketing strategies deliver the greatest sales incrementality — then track impact over time.

Unparalleled Channel Coverage

Gain a complete view into when and where consumers in your CRM are purchasing with access to 44K+ retailers, even in hard-to-track channels.

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Depth & Granularity of Consumer Data

Enhance consumer understanding of purchase behavior, coupled with 2,500+ demographic, psychographic and media consumption attributes from a single source.

Ongoing Tracking of Consumer Engagement

Track how your marketing influences purchase decisions over time and understand how new marketing touchpoints impact behavior. 







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It is more important than ever to maximize your first party data to better engage and retain your consumers.

Learn how Numerator SecureMeasure can objectively measure the effectiveness of your marketing strategies across all channels using a single dataset of verified purchases.

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Use SecureMeasure analysis to optimize your marketing strategies.

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Touchpoint Analysis

Identify which online and offline marketing tactics drove the most incremental sales across various points in time.

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Acquisition Analysis

Measure the success of your acquisition efforts and identify trends and patterns in customer behavior to inform strategies to further grow your CRM.

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Demographic Analysis

Break down the demographic, psychographic and media consumption attributes of who is currently in your CRM to power targeting and personalization strategies.

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