Watch Numerator's exclusive webinar for our Insights customer community where Scott Johnston, Numerator’s Senior Vice President of Client Success and Services, and Steve Kramer, Senior Director of Client Services, hosted a 45-minute workshop that overviewed the most requested ways to leverage Numerator Insights during COVID-19 to find out how your brand and category shoppers are changing and what are the most important actions you can take right now to respond. 

You will learn how to answer key business questions for your brand and category including: 

  • Is my category and brand seeing an influx of new shoppers? If so, who are they?

  • Are my category and brand’s shoppers shifting channels and/or are they buying from new channels or retailers?

  • Are my brand’s shoppers loyal during this time?

  • What key metrics should I monitor now and continue to look at week by week in order to stay on top of trends/changes in shopping behavior?

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