More protection
for your brand.

Save time monitoring your online listings with comprehensive coverage, more intraday visibility and more evidentiary support of your MAP pricing policy violations.

More monitoring.
More brand protection.

Save time monitoring your online listings with Numerator’s MAP Intel with more intraday visibility and evidentiary support for MAP policy violations. Know policy compliance with more coverage of reseller channels for policy compliance and, if necessary, initiate more systematic enforcement efforts to reduce pricing violations.

invest ad dollars effectively

Save time with automated price monitoring & enforcement

Customize price monitoring by product, brand, seller or source site and choose collection frequency ranging from weekly to intraday.

maintain brand value

Protect your brand image & maintain the perceived value of your products

Infringement claims and violation notices are sent and monitored through an interactive dashboard offering compliance statistics, such as response time and success rate.

build strong retailer relationships

Solidify relationships with authorized resellers & attract new retailers

Consistent monitoring and enforcement of your MAP Pricing Policy keeps current resellers happy and makes you more attractive to potential new retail partners.

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Get more
with Numerator.

  • Maintain profit margins
  • Protect your brand image
  • Support reseller relationships
  • Reduce channel conflict
  • Improve customer service
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MAP enforcement services.

The success of your pricing policy is directly tied to your ability to adequately enforce against infringement. You must take systematic enforcement efforts to efficiently and effectively reduce pricing violations. But the enforcement process can take up substantial time, effort, and resources. We're here to help.

Features that give you more.

More channels. More visibility. More competitive edge.

Comprehensive coverage

comprehensive map monitoring coverage

Over 5,600+ global retail eCommerce sites monitored daily, including marketplaces, price comparison sites, retail store sites, mobile app sites, and search engine results pages.

Intraday visibility

intraday online pricing visibility

eCommerce listing changes captured as frequently as intraday, enabling quick response to brand violations.

Time-stamped images of violations

minimum advertised price violations

Numerator records violations of your MAP Policy with evidentiary support to prove a violation of specified pricing.

Zip code-level monitoring

zip code-level map monitoring

Customize monitoring by product, brand, seller or source site with collection frequency ranging from weekly to intraday.

Brands that trust Numerator MAP Intel.

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MAP Intel by the numbers.


Retailer websites monitored


Crawls conducted monthly


Prices collected monthly

Find out how Numerator can help your brand grow.

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