The advertising
landscape is changing.
To keep up,
you need more.

Make impactful advertising decisions by leveraging a single source to monitor the changing landscape across traditional and emerging media channels.

How do you keep pace with the advertising landscape?

You start by knowing more. More competitive intelligence across more media channels and more media types, all in one ad tracking platform for seamless search. More detail with universal taxonomy and unified view. Numerator gives you more. And when you know more, you grow more.

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Automate near real-time
ad monitoring

Adapt your business strategy quickly to changing market dynamics with insight into creative data within 24 hours of the ads going live.

invest ad dollars effectively

Invest ad
dollars effectively

Competitive media spend is shifting quickly. Leverage market-level spend data across media types to make informed investment decisions.

create compelling messaging

Create compelling messaging

Leverage granular creative attributes aligned across media types to adjust your messaging and be seen as a trusted partner.

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Get more
with Numerator.

Industry’s fastest visibility into breaking ads

New ads captured within 24 hours and the ability to set alerts

Omnichannel coverage

Creative ad tracking and ad spend monitoring across 23 traditional and digital media channels

Detailed understanding

Granular views of creatives, spend and occurrences by category, subcategory, brand and product

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Understand the effectiveness of your advertising.

Inform your strategy by correlating shopper purchase behavior to your ad campaigns with Numerator Insights, powered by the Numerator OmniPanel.

Features that give you more.

More channels. More visibility. More competitive edge.

Hybrid approach to digital ad collection

Industrys fastest visibility

Leverage automated and panel-based collection to enhance the quality of your digital ad collection including targeted digital ads.

Unified data hierarchy

creative ad tracking

Consistent taxonomy for categories, subcategories, brands, and products for all 103M ads captured through our ad monitoring solution across all media types.

Market-level insights

market level ad tracking data

Create a geo-targeted ad spend strategy with the ability to drill into ad spend reporting at a market-level. Adjust share of spend by market based off competitor activity.

Brands, retailers and agencies that
keep pace with Ad Intel.

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Ad tracking by the numbers.


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Ad Observations Per Year

Evolve your strategy & automate your ad tracking.

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