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Sep 16, 2019

A Guide to Pricing Policies, Monitoring, and Enforcement


So You’re Going to Implement a Pricing Policy…

While not a perfect solution, a resale price policy can be a highly effective tool to combat discounting among your retailers. But navigating the intricacies of different policy types and choosing the correct components that work best for your business can be confusing.

In this guide to pricing policies, we discuss some best practices for creating, implementing and enforcing a resale price policy. Download this report to learn:

  • Why brands need a pricing policy in the first place

  • The differences between policy types, and when to choose one over the others 

  • The various components that make a policy successful

  • How to effectively and efficiently implement your policy

  • Do’s and don’ts of effective policy enforcement 

Whether you’re creating a brand new policy or updating an existing one, there’s useful advice in this guide for everyone.

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