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Jan 22, 2018

Ecommerce Intelligence for CPG

ecommerce for cpg
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While the transition to eCommerce has been more pronounced for manufacturers of electronics, small appliances, and other durable goods, many CPG brands are just now developing their eCommerce strategies. However, the reality is the shift to online grocery shopping may be coming faster than many think.

Amazon’s intention to acquire Whole Foods is sure to have a significant impact on the industry - one that could potentially include accelerated adoption of online grocery shopping. While the effects remain to be seen, Numerator is ready to help CPG companies prepare for this transition by providing a direct view into product pricing and assortment online. Our latest guide will show you how to get started on:

  • Monitoring your pricing across all channels to ensure consistency
  • Competitive insight into online pricing and product assortment
  • Enforcing MAP and other pricing policies when violations occur

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